Consultative Selling Techniques That Rock

Consultative Selling Techniques covers a very wide range of selling techniques – some work and some suck!

I’m going to cover two that have worked very well for me in the B2B space for many years. I’ll also cover my own technique I have developed that is a hybrid of the two and absolutely is helping me to crush it over the last few years.Continue reading

Why Solution Selling Is The 2nd Best Technique For B2B Selling

Solution selling

Solution selling is a great sales technique but it’s not the best for B2B. Relationship Marketing is a great sales technique but it’s not the best for B2B selling either.

That’s why I took all the best aspects of solution selling and relationship marketing and created Perception Selling.

I love solution selling. I have based most of my very successful sales career over nearly 3 decades on the principals of solution selling. However times change, markets change, people change and as professional sales people we have to change as well.Continue reading

5 Simple Steps To Sell An Idea

Sell an idea

To Sell An Idea You MUST Focus On “What Pain Does It Remove From Your Clients Life?”

The key to success when you try to sell an idea is identifying the need or pain in your clients that your idea will fix. This is the biggest mistake I see time and time again with people who are trying to sell an idea or some intangible object.Continue reading

How To Sell Effectively – 7 Lessons From My Mentor

How to sell effectively

Some people think that selling is all about smoke and mirrors, about high-pressure tactics, lying and cheating.

I’m calling BS on this!

Learning how to sell effectively is a skill that when perfected provides the salesperson with a great sense of achievement and the client with complete satisfaction that have made the correct, informed decision.

Continue reading

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